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Project 4G64

There are two goals of project 4G64. The first is to take a 2.4L (non-turbo) 4G64 engine block and combine it with a 4G63 (turbo) head. The result, a 2.4L turbo charged DSM! This is 20% more displacement than the stock 2.0L 4G63 block. The theory is that this this conversion is that simple - putting a 4G63 head on a 4G64 block with custom pistons. While I'm at it, I'm also going to upgrade the A/T with a shift kit and end clutch to give the transmission firmer shifting and more durability to handle all the power we'll be making. I'm also going to do as many mods and improvements that are "easy" to do while the engine is out, and many basic mods such as gauges, intake, and BOV. The second goal of Project 4G64 is to perform the 97+ Eclipse conversion on the body of a 95 Eagle Talon Tsi AWD A/T. This entails replacing the front and rear bumpers, headlights, and taillights.

The goal of this page is to document the entire process of the project including costs, vendors, and parts lists to provide guidance to anyone else who wants to do this. I'll try to be thorough and document all the little things that seem to crop up in big projects like this.

4G64/4G63 Hybrid

Detailed Plan:


6-17-02: Purchased basic tools and supplies to get going including jack stands and an engine stand.

6-20-02: Located a used 4G64 engine in town. Went to Mitsubishi dealer to order parts.

6-22-02: Rented a truck to pickup engine and engine hoist, and stripped used engine down to the block.

6-24-02: Visited Frontier Machine Shop to drop off block and order custom pistons and rods. Unofficial estimate is about one month to receive the custom parts.

7-14-02: Bought 1G (manual tranny) cams from a person on

7-20-02: Purchased a 95 Tsi AWD A/T that I've chosen to put the new engine into.

7-27-02: Performed most pre-removal steps as described in shop manual for engine removal. Removed hood, drained oil, coolant, and tranny fluid, removed radiator, intake and hoses, and under covers. No problems yet.

7-28-02: Removed more items, canister, most sensors and hoses. Mess is getting bigger. Parts everywhere. Plan is to remove engine without removing tranny.

8-5-02: Translab shift kit and Alto end clutch ordered from AT DSM Member.

8-9-02: Bought 1G head on DSMTrader. Ordered upper gasket kit to rebuild head with.

8-10-02: Decided to remove transmission also to make life easier. Also plan is to install shift kit and upgraded end clutch while tranny is out (although these can be installed without removing tranny). Having difficulty removing some bolts with hand tools. Decided to purchase air compressor and air tools to help.

8-11-02: Still having a hell of a time removing lower lateral arm on passenger side - can't get impact wrench square on the bolt. Only thing left is removing drive shafts from transmission and removing a/c compressor.

8-18-02 With the help of Mike Hanna, the engine is now removed! Crankshaft pulley and vehicle speed sensor damaged in the process.

8-25-02: Removed transmission from car completely, disassembled block completely. Bought Boost and EGT gauges.

8-26-02: Ordered parts for 1G head swap from dealer, and bought others from posters on

9-1-02: Started installing gauges, detailing engine bay, Mike H brought by the parts he ported for me. Still waiting on parts to get that head rebuilt.

11-12-02: Finally got the engine! Frontier did the valve job and assembled the entire long block. Since the last update I've been doing minor work on the car. I ordered new axles from Raxles nad I wired the car for the new audio system and installed all of the gauges.

11-17-02: Thought I was going to get it installed but there was a day's worth of work just getting the short block in shape.

12-1-02: First attempt to install. Found torque converter would not mount up to engine because the crank hole is much shallower on the 4G64 crank. Need to get TC machined down a bit (see pictures).

12-15-02: Engine is installed on second attempt! Most items are hooked up, still waiting on a few minor parts. We should have it running in a few days now.

12-26-02: The complete setup is installed and ready to go. Cranks and starts on first attempt! No CEL! But oil is leaking like crazy. Inspection reveals a couple minor engine oil leaks, and a huge tranny oil leak. Looks like the plug for the tranny didn't hold. Out it comes! Didn't really get to drive it. It didn't move very well because of what I did to the TC.

1-18-03: Finally got a chance to pull the tranny. Machining and plugging the torque converter was a bad idea. That space is needed for a shaft to operate. Going to explore options for a performance or replacement TC!

1-26-03: I have decided on a Pro Torque TC. I have to send them my old one, they will upgrade it and fix what I did to it and send it back. It will be a few weeks.

11-26-06: UPDATE!!!! The reason why I let this page essentially die is that I have been plagued with problem after problem, and most of it started with the machine shop that I assembled and did the long block. DO NOT USE Frontier Machine Shop in Phoenix, AZ. I have encountered nothing but problems and have since had everything re-worked, but is seems that bad luck is plaguing this car. I DO NOT think it has anything to do with what I've done, just pure bad lack. I don't have journal entries, but since the last entry I've added an FMIC, DSM Link, different turbo, new fuel pump, and probably more. I think this thing is fully modded now. I'm not ready to sell it... yet... but I'm getting close!


I ended up with a 9.1:1 compression ratio with my setup.

The J&E Pistons are part number 201673 with a bore of 3.415, clearance of .0040, invdome depth of .245, comp dist of 1.385, and the pistons mass 344 grams.  These figures are from the spec sheet I was given.

Frontier Machine shop will turn around heads and long blocks in just a few weeks. The reason it took so long on mine is I had them do a lot of custom stuff for the 1G head swap and there was a 6 week or more wait time for the custom pistons.

1G Head Swap issues not mentioned in RRE instructions:

  • Plan to extend 3 wires going to coil pack because of 1G location vs. 2G location.
  • You'll have to find a place to mount the 1G Transistor if you don't want to extend all of those wires.
  • There's a bracket with a bunch of small vacuum lines on the back of the 2G intake manifold/throttle body that will not mount to the 1G setup.
  • I fabricated a bracket to hold the 1G intake manifold, I do not know if the 1G bracket would have worked. Be sure to acquire the bracket with the manifold, I think it will work.
  • If I remember right, you'll have to grind a bit of the intake or engine mounting bracket to get the rear engine mounting bracket to mount up nicely.
  • You'll have to plug one of the large holes and one of the small holes on the 1G water neck. I used old sensors from the Galant engine I bought.
  • You will need the threaded nipple on the rear of the water neck to connect the water line going to the heater.

When pulling and installing the engine, it's easiest to do it with both the engine and tranny together.

The bushing inside of the crank is replaceable. It's hard to get out, but it must be done. Then your tranny will just bolt right into place.

Expenses & Parts



Part Number

List Price (each)

Total Cost

Optional Cost

Recoverable Cost


1000# Engine Stand

Harbor Freight






2Ton Foldable Shop Hoist

Harbor Freight






Load Balancer Harbor Freight N/A 39.99 - 39.99 30.00

6Ton Jack Stands (pr)

Harbor Freight






Tarp 8x10 (x2)

Harbor Freight





4 - 4" 10M 1.25 Pitch Bolts for holding engine on stand Ace Hardware N/A 1.89 - 7.56 -

Used 4G64 Engine, includes $25 core charge

Arizona Auto Parts, Phx, AZ






Camshaft Sprocket #1 for 1994 Galant DOHC engine

Mark Mitsubishi




 -  -

Camshaft Sprocket #2 for 1994 Galant DOHC engine

Mark Mitsubishi




 -  -

Timing Belt for 1994 Galant DOHC engine

Mark Mitsubishi




 -  -

4G64 Head Gasket

Mark Mitsubishi




 -  -

Valve (Rocker) Cover Gasket

Mark Mitsubishi




 -  -

Half Moon

Mark Mitsubishi




 -  -

Spark Plug Gasket (4)

Mark Mitsubishi




 -  -
Eng Overhaul Gasket Kit, Upgraded to metal Head Gasket1 Conicelli Mitsu MD974635 231.36 173.52 - -
Oil Pump2 Frontier Machine ? 316.66 316.66 - -
Gasket Set (Lower End) Frontier Machine NA 71.50 71.50 - -
Rod Bearing Set Frontier Machine NA 38.88 38.88 - -
Main Bearing Set Frontier Machine NA 97.88 97.88 - -
Total Seal Custom Gapless Ring Set Frontier Machine NA 186.80 186.80 - -
JE Custom Piston Set Frontier Machine JE 201673 631.00 631.00 - -
Eagle H Beam Connecting Rod Set Frontier Machine NA 410.00 410.00 - -
Disassemble Short Block Frontier Machine NA 60.00 - 60.00 -
Vat Cast Iron Block Frontier Machine NA 55.79 55.79 - -
Grind Crankshaft Frontier Machine NA 87.17 - 87.17 -
Bore and Hone each Cylinder Frontier Machine NA 17.42 69.68 - -
Square Deck Block x4 Frontier Machine NA 22.74 90.96 - -
Modify (block) Oil/Cooling Passages Frontier Machine NA 75.00 75.00 - -
File Fit Ring Frontier Machine NA 40.00 40.00 - -
Assemble Long Block and misc parts Frontier Machine NA 578.93 578.93 - -
Intake Valves (8) Conicelli Mitsu MD127840 22.78 - 136.72 -
Exhaust Valves (8) Conicelli Mitsu MD127841 16.48 - 98.88 -
Mitsu Liquid Gasket (Oil Pan) Conicelli Mitsu MD970389 38.17 28.63 - -
Balancer Belt Conicelli Mitsu MR984778 28.10 21.08 - -
Balancer Tensioner Conicelli Mitsu MD352473 37.13 27.85 - -
Timing Belt Pulley Conicelli Mitsu MD182537 26.45 19.84 - -
Idler Pulley Conicelli Mitsu MD156604 32.77 24.58 - -
Water Pump Kit Conicelli Mitsu MD972050 121.07 90.80 - -
Timing Belt Tensioner Conicelli Mitsu MD308587 81.43 61.07 - -
P/S Belt Conicelli Mitsu MD310617 7.88 5.91 - -
A/C Belt Conicelli Mitsu MB568898 23.17 17.38 - -
Alternator Belt Conicelli Mitsu MD186125 14.17 10.63 - -
Oil (5qts) Checker NA 1.25 6.25 - -
Oil Filter M/D325714 6.33 4.38 - -
Vehicle Speed Sensor5 Conicelli Mitsu MD756606 59.75 - 44.81 -
Diamond Star ATF (8 qts) Mark Mitsubishi ACH1ZC1X05 4.27 - 34.16 -
Valve Job Frontier NA 368.19 368.19 - -
Replace Aluminum Guides Frontier NA 6.29 75.48 - -
Mill Head Frontier NA 41.84 41.84 - -
Pressure Test Head Frontier NA 41.84 - 41.84 -
Install Valve Seat (1) Frontier NA 21.62 - 21.62 -
Vat Misc Parts Frontier NA 50.00 - 50.00 -
Valve Guides (12) Frontier NA 3.83 - 45.96 -
Valve Seats (1) Frontier NA 13.92 - 13.92 -
Crankshaft Blade Mark Mitsubishi MD187953 44.87 - 32.61 -
Instrument Guage Bezel Buscher Racing 90280-AUT 69.00 - 69.00 -
Boost Gauge Loper's (Phoenix) Autometer 3304 47.95 - 47.95 -
EGT Gauge & Probe Loper's Autometer 3344 124.95 - 124.95 -
Manual Boost Controller4 Ebay Auction N/A 24.95 - 24.95 -
EVO O2 Housing3 Conicelli Mitsu EVOO2 165.16 - 123.87 -
EVO O2 Housing Gasket Conicelli Mitsu EVOO2GSKT 5.92 - 4.44 -
Jet Hot 2000 Exh Manifold Jet Hot EM4C 120.00 - 120.00 -
Dejon Tool Intake and IC pipes Dejon Tool Various 389.85 - 389.85 -
Weld fitting for EGT gauge Frontier NA 30.00 - 30.00 -
New axles, L&R C155L/R 590.00 - 294.75 -
Dejon Tool 1G Sealed BOV Dejon Tool NA 159.90 - 159.90 -
Powder Coat Valve Cover Arizona Powder NA 34.05 - 34.05 -
Translab Shift Kit, Alto end clutch AT DSM Member Translab TL-175, Alto 059757 115.00 - 115.00 -
A/T Seal Kit7 MD997956 65.91 - 41.44 -

Pro Torque TC

Pro Torque



-  395  -

Crank Bushing

Mark Mitsubishi



-  6.16  -


Used 1G Head DSM Trader NA 125.00 - 125.00 -
Used 1G Intake manifold DSM Trader NA 55.00 - 55.00 -
Used 1G Coil Pack DSM Trader NA 50.00 - 50.00 -
Used 1G Turbo TB DSM Trader NA 50.00 - 50.00 -
Big Water Pipe Conicelli Mitsu MD171059 49.53 - 37.15 -
U Shaped Water Pipe Conicelli Mitsu MD117764 14.18 - 10.64 -
Water Neck Assy.Upper Conicelli Mitsu MD190339 55.40 - 41.55 -
Water Neck Assy. Lower Conicelli Mitsu MD130457 19.30 - 14.48 -
95 Cam angle sensor5 Conicelli Mitsu MD300102 62.77 - 47.08 -
Exhaust Head Stud Conicelli Mitsu MS401428 1.17 - 0.88 -
Intake Head Studs (2) Conicelli Mitsu MF402585 0.90 - 0.68 -
Weld, grind, drill, tap cam sensor Frontier NA 75.00 - 75.00 -
Weld plate for MAS on intake Frontier NA 75.00 - 75.00 -
Threaded Nipple Conicelli Mitsu ?? ?? - 5.00 (approx)
Front Motor Mount Conicelli Mitsu MB844275 36.83 - 27.62 -
Rear Motor Mount Conicelli Mitsu MB911266 43.23 - 32.42 -
Left (Dr) Motor Mount Conicelli Mitsu MB911270 54.32 - 40.74 -
Right (Pax) Motor Mount Conicelli Mitsu MD911274 47.77 - 35.83 -
Fuel Filter Conicelli Mitsu MB868457 22.92 - 17.19 -
PCV Valve Conicelli Mitsu MD024719 5.35 - 4.01 -
Thermostat Conicelli Mitsu MD997607 17.28 - 12.96 -
P/S Oil Bracket Conicelli Mitsu MB288989 10.12 - 7.59 -
Fuel Tank Cap Conicelli Mitsu MB504900 6.47 - 4.85 -
Larson Hose Kit, 1G Silver RRE Larson Hose 42.00 - 42.00 -
New Battery Sears PS22830326 56.99 - 56.99 -
Injector O-rings Bell Rd Mitsu MD087060 2.57 - 10.28 -
NGK Spark Plugs (4) BAP 1128 4.29 - 17.16 -



About Prices:

  • List price is the vendor's list price or quoted price without discounts.
  • Total cost is the cost of an item that is not optional to perform the conversion. Total cost is the cost I paid including any discounts, but does not include tax or shipping.
  • Optional costs: This is the price I paid for items including any discounts. Optional costs are for things that someone else may or may not have to buy - like tools or optional parts. Tax and shipping not included.
  • Recoverable Costs are expenses that are recoverable, usually by selling parts or pieces when I am done or not using.

1This was dumb, I ordered the kit for a 1G head, I already had a 4G64 head gasket. I'll still make use of it on my next project though. Kit includes valve seals, cam seals, and most of your gaskets (intake, exhaust, head, oil line, etc).
2I should have supplied this and other Mitsu parts for them and saved over 25%.
3EVO 7cm O2 housing chosen to replace stock O2 housing.
4Yes I know you can get these cheaper.
5Broken part replacement. Doh!
7Includes Filter and Gasket

97-99 Eclipse Conversion

Detailed Plan:

Purchase 97-99 front & rear bumpers, headlights, fog lights, Eclipse turbo spoiler, Altezza tail lights. Customize Altezza center piece to function as reverse lights, have reverse light holes in rear bumper filled in. Have paint shop fill holes left by Talon spoiler and paint both bumpers.


Month of July: Purchased left headlight and right headlight separately on Ebay. Purchased front bumper from Auto Fit in Phoenix through AZGarage. Ordered spoiler pre-painted from Purchased rear bumper from guy on Ordered reverse lights from Ordered Altezza lights from vendor on Ebay.

97-99 Driver Headlight Ebay 75.00
97-99 Pax Headlight Ebay 80.00
97-99 Front Bumper. AZGarage 187.00
97-99 Rear Bumper DSM Trader 100.00
Eclipse Turbo Spoiler, Painted Spoiler 253.00
Reverse Headlights (2) Conicelli Mitsubishi MR296099 31.80
Altezza Taillights Ebay Vendor 129.00
Fog Light Covers


Click the picture to see the full size picture. Click 'Back' to return.

This is the last time this engine will be in one piece.
Almost everything is off of it, off to the machine shop we go.
The starting point. Bone Stock engine.
Got the engine out.
Close-up of firewall.
View of A/T tranny without engine
Old 4G63 Side View
Old 4G63 Front View
A/T Tranny, side view
A/T Tranny, oil pan removed.
1G vs. 2G Intake Manifold Comparison
Ported and Polished Exhaust Manifold Inlet. Thanks Mike Hanna!
If you want him to port yours just like this, send him an email:

Ported Exhaust Manifold Outlet - Porting by Mike Hanna
Ported and Polished O2 Housing Inlet - Porting by Mike Hanna
Ported and Polished O2 Housing Oulet - Porting by Mike Hanna
This is the 4G63 crank hole. Notice how deep it is compared to the one below.
This is the 4G64 crank hole. Not quite as deep.
This is the stock 95 Tsi AWD A/T torque converter after it has been machined to fit the 4G64 crank.
If you look closely you can see why the holes on the block had to be plugged. The 1G (and 2G) head don't cover these holes!
This is the completed long block, ready to go!
TC after I started it up and it started leaking. You can see the shaft protruding. go!
Comparison of 1G and 2G throttle bodies. 1G is much larger (60cm vs 52cm I believe).

As of Jan 27, this page is still under continuous improvement and update. Check back as the project proceeds and I spend more time on this page. Any questions can be emailed to

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